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Some people do this and I donít know why:

Hello, Iím new and I am curious to see pics of your beardies. Could some people show me their pics. Oh, and I want to see pics from people that live in the UK (just example country) only.

What is up with that? I can understand people trying to make friends with people that live near them. Iím totally OK with that, but why do you need to see just a pic of lizard from someone, but can only limit it to the country their from? Can someone come and support why they (or you) do that or support whatever you want or need to support about this?

01/15/06  10:08pm


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  Message To: Scaly-Man   In reference to Message Id: 607566


probebrly becuase they think reptiels vary in certain countrys!

01/12/07  04:53pm


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  Message To: Your_only_nightmare   In reference to Message Id: 1130493


probably, because they think reptiles vary in certain countries.

06/15/07  02:29am

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