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Herps King
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 How many people

how many of you have caught a wild lizard before? what kind was it? how many have you caught?

ive caught probably around 100 total. it would take forever to name them, but mostly its skinks and desert lizards

04/20/06  05:03pm


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  Message To: Herps King   In reference to Message Id: 750058

 How many people

I catch them alot. I dont keep them tho. About 75% i let back go and 25% ill feed them to my turtles. Or snake.

04/27/06  12:11am


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  Message To: RepticZ   In reference to Message Id: 760207

 How many people

i do it all the time, ive caught alooooooooooot!!!

06/01/07  08:35pm


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  Message To: Mampam   In reference to Message Id: 1302174

 How many people

Im not that good at identifying snakes or reptiles yet, im not taking my chances! My python is to picky, so i couldnt feed him anything wild. He’ll only eat rats from PetsInc.... and i bought him at a totaly different place x)

09/25/10  04:54pm

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