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 How do you clean your reptile cage?

Jw how you clean your reptile cage

01/13/14  02:27pm


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  Message To: Waterdragon7900   In reference to Message Id: 2303002

 How do you clean your reptile cage?

I wipe down the walls with windex and air it out for 10 minutes. Windex is nature friendly.

For serious cleaning, I wash out the tank completely, pitching the old substrate, and either windex the walls or use 1 to 10 parts bleach to water, then rinse the ever living crap out of it and air it out until I no longer smell bleach. Normally do this if the lizard has parasites or once to twice a year.

Dawn Dish soap is another tool I clean with if it’s not bad enough for bleach. Dawn is also nature friendly. Typically clean the accessories in dawn if I have to, or throw the food/water dishes in the dish washer.

One thing I learned early on is to never use rough bristle brushes on plastic/glass, as it creates small, unseen scratches that hard water can build up in later on. Stick with soft sponges.

01/13/14  04:42pm


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 2303004

 How do you clean your reptile cage?

Generally I will remove all the substrate and use a vinegar solution for the tank. Immediately afterwards I will hit it with hot water followed by a dry clean towel to prevent streak marks on the viewing area. It’s been the only cleaner I have used during my Four years in the Hobby, this is because the fumes subside quickly in a well ventilated space. For having to clean 2-55gal A 53"x 27" and A 56"x27" enclosures it only takes about an hour for all of them to be ready for new matter.

07/04/14  09:08am

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