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 Please learn english..

I wanted to post this on the forum i saw it on but i really dont want to be hated in this community. Posting it here may get me hated as well but to be honest, I dont think I care...
let me translate your language into english for you.

"im leperd geco has 2 lost toes and a she bit hers self in the tell and i dont no, waht to do im only 12 plz respond im so werried and yes i got 1 of thoes sheading boxes i just wanna no what to do, to help her she is in pain and iv had to fed her water thre a idroper what do i sok her in i ned help"

"My Leopard gecko has lost two toes and she has bitten her tail. I dont know what to do. I am only 12. Please respond because I am so worried. I did get one of those shedding boxes. I just want to know what to do to help her because she is in pain. I have had to feed her water through a dropper. Do I soak her? I need help."

I understand misspelling and simple grammatical innaccuracies (see i probably misspelled that word.. maybe not i dunno) but posts like this are shear laziness.. No punctuation and words that are clearly incorrect (waht, ned, idroper) Please try to use periods and not just commas. It is really hard to understand posts like this and therefore harder for people to help you with your questions. Reread your post outloud to yourself before submitting it. there is a reason it forces you to preview before you post.

Again i apologize. I see this all the time and it drives me absolutely nuts. This is not a personal attack but a general shout out to keep me sane and to keep me from attacking a post and hurting some kids feelings.
(or god forbid an adult who talks like this)
open for discussion, love it or hate it.

10/05/11  06:31pm


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  Message To: Getscared   In reference to Message Id: 2239334

 Please learn english..

Have you never heard of Dyslexics.Not everyone can get a handle on language skills.I think you need to quit being so narrow minded and judgmental. One of my kids having had tons of problems in that area. I feel for your children if you ever have one that is not quite up to par.

10/09/11  07:14pm


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  Message To: Tupi1   In reference to Message Id: 2239809

 Please learn English..

If you can decipher is then your fine. wont kill you. I understand my mom used to do same thing to me. always correcting me on everything i said. and she is still alive and kicking. so am sure you will to.

01/18/12  02:43pm

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