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 My Garter Snake wont eat at all

I caught a garter snake a few weeks ago and have been trying to feed it but it wont eat anything.When i try feeding it fish they end up died in the bowl. When i go to feed it a pinkie he bites it but dosen’t eat it. He also dosent like the worms or crickets. And i have notice that he has been getting darker.I have no clue what to do.

08/02/08  12:01pm


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 My Garter Snake wont eat at all

It is probably very stressed that it has been taken out of the wild. Many wild caught animals do this, and the end result isn’t good; a big vet bill and/or death. You should return it to the wild. If you plan of keeping it, do you have a correct set up for one? Do you have a heat lamp or UTH? Is the humidity correct? Do you have gages to tell you if you have the correct temps and humidity? Does the snake have the correct amount of space? Is the enclosure in a non-high traffic area of the house? Do you have adequate hides? You may want to read a care guide for Garter snakes to make sure that your husbandry is correct: Link but be prepared, you may need to take the snake to a vet is things persist.


08/04/08  03:49pm

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