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Eroden   D_bolt99  

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My brother just brought Some type of Plated Lizard home & I Know nothing about these things. Are there Skin poisonous? To dogs people? How big will this thing get? And how big of a habitat should i get for it?

07/14/13  08:05pm


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Hey there, so Sudanese plated lizards are not common to keep as pets so it’s can be can hard to find info. Let me start by saying no, they aren’t not poisonous in any way. They are pretty harmless and don’t ever bite. They will however run way very suddenly at times and aren’t very skittish around new people. If you spend a lot of time with them and talk to them the next they can become quite friendly. Do no that attempt to force handle them though as this can’t cause cause rhem become very stressed out. In terms of it’s so size there are several different kinda of plated lizards that vary in size but they usually range from 15"-26" in length. They need the biggest enclosure you can find. I’m in the process of building my own as the market does not offer tanks big enough. Be sure to do tons of research about their environment. They are dessert dwelling critters Andy love warm dry heat. They’re also a burrowing specie she so they like to have a lot of dirt and sand to dig around in. They should also be given a place or several people laces to hide. Although they can be a challenging an animal to provide for at times in my opinion, totally worth the investment. Hope this helps. Btw cage size should Be roughly 72"x24"x13".

07/03/17  10:22am

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