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Sarahlydear   Sarahlydear  

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 Newb, Gandalf, and some questions. :)

Hey everyone this is my first lizard (where it’s mine and not a pet Daddys keeping for me).
He’s a approx 2yr old plated lizard that had been at my favorite Ma and Pa petshop for over a yr. I tried to resist but he stole my heart and is the coolest lizard I’ve ever met.

Since he came from a pet shop they weren’t able to give me much info on him, can you guys help me figure out what kind he is?

Also I’ve been reading conflicting info: Some people say they need a dry environment, some a humid? Which is it? His scales started sticking up so I’ve been trying to make it more humid in his tank but I’m unsure what I should be doing...
There seem to be controversiality on whether sand is ok or not? I haven’t found a soil that doesn’t have fert in it, right now he’s in sand, but I can change that if needed.
Finally is there a sticky with info I can read?

Well here is my handsome :) escuse the poop it’s the critter room and I hadn’t swept from the rabbits being out.

He’s got something on his back right above his tail, I think it’s an old injury but I’m not sure

02/10/13  03:55pm


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  Message To: Sarahlydear   In reference to Message Id: 2291742

 Newb, Gandalf, and some questions. :)

Sorry thought of one more question and couldn’t find the "edit" button.

Can anyone tell me if it’s a girl or boy? They told me male at the pet store, but I’d like a more...educated guess.

02/10/13  03:59pm

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