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 My new tawny

I have bought a tawny plated lizard, who when i first see her she was very lively, since bringing her home, she seems to of gone quiet, she is not eating very much at all, i am trying her with a variety if things, but having no joy, could she be stressed because of moving home, i have her day time temperature of about 95, and night time about 75/80, i know she dosn’t trust me yet, and i know this will take time, i am getting a bit worried as i don’t want to make any mistakes, her viv is 3ft by 2ft, and i am in the process of having a larger viv built. when i bought her they told me she was between 1 / 2 years old, with not much more info than that. could anyone tell me if i am doing anything wrong, she really is lovely and i want to do the best for her.

12/23/12  04:44pm

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