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 Plated Lizard lost its tail

I rescued a plated lizard this weekend. I’m no reptile expert but my family and I care a great deal for animals and I figured we could offer it more than the pet store. I believe its a yellow striped plated lizard at least a year old. This guy used to share a tank with another of his kind and the other lizard started attacking it. It ate off its tail. The woman in the pet store said the tail had started to grow back and it was again attacked by the other lizard. I will try to post some pictures tonight but I wanted him to get settled in his new cage before I stressed it out any further. So here’s my questions:

Will the tail grow back? There are no visible wounds open but the area is grayish and he is obviously missing scales even up onto his back. It looks like he’s missing a few back toes as well. The tail is only about 2 inches past his back legs. From looking at pictures i’m guessing that he is missing 5-6 inches of his tail or more. There is a lot of brown stuff near the end of his tail. I’m thinking this may just be dirt but it may be a scab. I plan to put him in some warm water and bath him. i also have a clear solution the pet store gave us (I’m guessing its some kind of iodine/peroxide solution). Should i still apply neosporin since there is no visible cut? I saw somewhere that if he loses his tail due to trauma it won’t grow back. If it doesn’t grow back what does that mean for the lizard?

The pet store was keeping him in a plastic carrying container (2.5 gallon - 5 gallon). The cage was pretty gross and had at least 10 crickets and 4 superworms. The crickets were actually eating at his tail. I’ve moved him to a 20 gallon (tall) tank with eco earth mulch (enough to burrow), a small tupperware bowl with enough water for him to emerge himself, a log hide, also piece of fake bark for him to climb or hide on. We’ve got a small uth and a 75 watt basking lamp on the one side. i know this is not ideal and he definitely needs a larger home but will this work temporarily 1-2 months until i can get something larger setup? i don’t want to keep moving him and stressing him out and unfortunately the pet store said this would be sufficient. I didn’t realize he’d need the bigger setup until i logged on here....

Should i feed him in a separate cage or should I put the crickets in his cage? I’m leaning towards the separate feeding tank so that i can better monitor what he’s eating but i’m open to suggestions. I’d only do this for the live stuff. I have a food bowl setup in his cage that would keep fruits/veggies and possibly meal worms. Should i have a calcium dish for him too?

10/23/12  10:03am

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