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 Several questions about Plated Lizards

I recently acquired a plated lizard somewhat by chance and am trying to learn more about them. If you can help with any of the questions I would be grateful!
1. How big do they get? At this point it is 13 oz and 21 inches long.
2. How long do they normally live in captivity?
3. Is there a problem with parasites?
4. I know to wash my hands after handling but do they carry any kinds of disease?
5. Has anyone tried walking one on a harness and leash? I would like to take it outside when it is nice but it is really fast and don’t want to lose it.
6. Are there any fruits that I should not feed it? It loves fruit but I can’t get it to eat greens.
Thanks for your help in advance!

09/24/12  02:56am

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