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 Help. Biting tail!!!

I have a plated lizard, he only has one front leg and this has been like this since I got him. He recently had an abcess in his ’good’ front leg and I took him to the vets and had the abcess removed. I was given something to clean the wound with and some antispetic cream to put on, i was following the evts instructions but after a few days I noticed my lizard was being really skittish and was burrowing/hiding as soon as I opened the vivarium door, and I noticed he’d started to chew his tail. I contacted the vet and was advised to stop cleaning the wound as this was probably stressing him out and causing his behaviour. I’ve stopped this and he is still biting his tail, I am really worried about this and I am going to recontact my vet. Nothing has changed in our set up or in his diet at all. He is still eating, although his movement is slower than usual I have assumed this is due to his leg being sore after the operation.

Are there any tips on stopping him biting his tail? any help at all would be greatly appreciated

09/04/12  08:45am

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