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Glenn b   Woodfrog99  

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Glenn b
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i need to find out why my lizards keep sneezing are they too cold or something worse let me know if you know something pleases

08/13/12  09:24pm


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I hope you’ve already worked out a solution, but thought I’d reply anyway. I was given a Sudan Plated Lizard about a year ago because a family didn’t want her anymore. She was sneezing, her eyes were opaque like she was blind, and she hadn’t eaten in was a really sad situation. After a LOT of reading and a trip to the vet, it seems an antibiotic called Baytril is the magic bullet for reptile upper respiratory infections. Turns out my Meera had pneumonia and the opaqueness in her eyes was actually mucus from her sinuses. The baytril worked amazingly well, but fair warning you DO have to force feed it and you WILL end up with bite wounds. Their bites tend to make little blisters for some reason - use lots of soap and antibacterial stuff and you’ll be fine too :-)

10/21/12  11:21am

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