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 My home for convalescent lizards

I’ve always been a reptile enthusiast, but recently is as if I’ve opened a home for convalescent lizards. This afternoon I acquired a "yellow lined plated lizard" which turned out to be a Sudan . The man who gave him to me said it wasn’t eating much and he was afraid it was going to die. I’m a sucker for a lost cause and since I have a lot of extra gear I took it without hesitation. After thorough inspection the girl is almost 18 inches long, weighs about a pound, almost 3 inches wide, and easily handled (though the guy said she always fought him). One alarming thing is that there is mucus in her eyes and she’s squeaking when she breathes. I’m 90% certain it’s URI. I’ve upped her habitat temp a bit, and she IS housed safely and adequately for her species. Housing and temps are not going to be an issue in this situation. I have access to a variety of antibiotics. Can anyone suggest which one is best for respiratory infections and at what dosage?? I’ve de-wormed snakes, removed granulomas from skink feet, nursed Malaysian Goldens, but never given antibiotics. Any suggestions welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance.

03/18/12  08:39pm


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 My home for convalescent lizards

BAYTRIL ...the strongest/newest wide spectrum antibiotic.
Available here without a prescription....maybe elsewhere too.
Beautiful Dragons

Another product (see below) this product is added to the water the product and the instructions. Re fresh the water every day..
DURVET.....Duramycin-10 soluble powder.

Do not use both ...1 or the other, keep the lizard HYDRATED with fresh water during and after treatment.

I only have used Baytril, the other product (Durvet) is just word of mouth from a friend with a Burmese python which has an RI. It is working for him and the RI is clearing up. If you have any doubts get a vet to help you figure the dosage...they are often willing to help you ...speak to a vet tech, or the place of purchase.


03/25/12  01:00pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2260104

 My home for convalescent lizards

Sorry to be so long without updating. I actually got Baytril the next day and after a round of treatment she’s good as new, eating like a CHAMP (20+ large crickets in a day when she finally got her appetite back), and very active. I still can’t believe someone just gave up on her. She’s quite the darling. Thanks for your help.

04/19/12  09:15pm


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  Message To: Woodfrog99   In reference to Message Id: 2263497

 My home for convalescent lizards

great news!! :)

04/29/12  11:35am

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