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 Getting started again

Hello folks. I was a member here for awhile many, many years ago. Just joined back up. I consider myself to be an advanced reptile hobbyist, who has kept many different species in captivity. However, I’ve never kept a Plated lizard.
I recently visited a local pet store at random. Just killing some time while waiting for an apointment. I took notice a this Plated Lizard. He was pretty cool. Appeared to be a hearty and healthy specimen. Appeared to be near full grown. I was a bit surprised at its calm temperment.
Anyways, I’ve been thinking about getting back into the hobby scene and thought this Plated lizard would make a good canidate. I’ve got a bunch of stuff left offer from when I was last into keeping lizards. So it shouldn’t take that much money to get started again.
Well I’ve been doing some research about caring for the lizard and I’ve learned alot! I have some questions I’d like to ask, though.
What is the best Substrate to use? What do most Plated keepers use?
Is a 5.0 uvb sufficent. or should I use a higher uvb output?
I’ve read adults only need to be feed every other day. Is this true?
I’m aware of their diet. However, what is their staple source of food in captivity? I’d like to hear real expieriences of what foods their Plated lizards are really eating in captivity.
I’m sure I will find more questions to ask, but for now this is a start.
Thanks, folks!

01/20/12  09:47am

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