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hi, my name is Sungho, i am new to this forum. I am an experienced herp owner who has bred and cared for many reptiles (especially lizards). Anyways, one of my friends offered me a pair of giant plated lizards (g. validus). i always do research before buying a pet so i know the basic care requirements of plated lizards. However, i still have a few questions about plated lizards. What supplements should you give them and how frequently should you supplement their food (i’m guessing that you need to provide calcium and multi-vitamin but i don’t know how frequently i should supplement)? I am aware that plated lizards are omnivorous, however, will they eat more protein matter or plant matter? Hopefully, you guys can find time to answer my questions, and thanks in advance!

11/18/11  12:32am


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Not kept them myself, but i would of thought you’d dust with pure calcium every feed & vit d twice a week, older animals with little growth you may drop to once a week with vit d, most lizards are the same vit d wise, changes when you bring mice /fish into lizards diet such as bigger species like monitors, then you don’t need to dust with pure calcium as much unless feeding insects etc.

12/31/11  11:51am

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