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 1 year old Yellow-Throat Plated Lizard

I recently purchased a Yellow-throat Plated Lizard from pats Mart two weeks ago and am happy to say he’s doing well so far. He is roughly a year old and healthy. I’m not new to taking care of reptiles in general, but the Plated Lizard is my first of it’s species. I’ve dealt with all types of Geckos, Bearded Dragons, and Iguanas. I’ve browsed these forums quite a bit and was able to obtain information that I could not find elsewhere on these Lizards. I wanted to introduce myself and my new family member with some questions.

I do feed him live crickets with Calcium powder as of now. He’s eating 5-6 Crickets every other day with no signs of holding back. He too has taking a liking to the Papaya fruit. I slip in two bites of the Papaya on the day between crickets.
Q: Should I substitute meal worms with a few of the crickets?

Q: Also, how much and how often should he really be eating exactly?

Oh! He seems to take a liking to the Minnow fish. Which I gave him twice as a treat.

He’s not in a 20g Terrarium and seems to be taking a liking to the set-up just fine. I’m using Repti-bark as a substrate that is roughly 2 1/2" deep so he can burrow, which he does do at night. I’ve got a log that he can hide under when he needs to. Also his water bowl that has a ramp to get in and out very easily so he can soak when needed.

I’m using a 75w Basking bulb on the basking side of the tank. The temp there is between 80-85 and has a ramp that he can climb if he feels the need to be closer. The cool side of the tank is roughly 75.

Right now he takes to being handled by myself just fine. He used to close his eyes when I would get remotely close to him with my hands. Since last week he’s not done it and seems to come out of hiding when I open the top of the cage. I assume it’s because he think he’s getting food. I’ve recently started to feed him after I bring him out for a few minutes, then place him back in his home and feeding him.

Any tips and suggestions would be great! I soon will have a video with his set-up.

10/22/11  07:35pm


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 1 year old Yellow-Throat Plated Lizard

Hello!! :)

i would dust with pure calcium every time & vit d twice a week when their young, older spread it out a bit more, feed more crickets to mealworms & minnors as rare treats if your pet likes them!

I had mine on 12" of soil & they never bothered digging tunnels, but they used 3 foot of height with easily climbed branches, as any animal give them options & adjust to what they need.

Young plated i would feed daily, as they get older reduce the number of feeding times, alot of their care comes down to reading your rep at end of the day. :)

I also kept mine at around 30c through the day with 28c nighttime temp, but they had the option of digging down if it got to hot, if your pet closes it eyes when you approach it back off & give it time to adjust to your, their beautiful little creatures!! :)

I also kept them at around 60% humidity, but make sure your temps are up if you do that.

good luck!


10/29/11  03:02pm


Sir Clink
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 1 year old Yellow-Throat Plated Lizard

He’s been doing well with the feedings of Crickets everyday. He has taken a liking to Minnows as a treat. I tossed 3 Minnows into his water and guided him towards it. Once he was close and noticed them in there, he dove in and snatched them right up. I’ll go ahead and let him have a few of those as a treat every so often.

As he does begin to age I’ll upgrade him from a 20G to a 40G, if not larger when the time comes and money isn’t an issue. He does burrow under the bark everynight. He comes out to Bask most the time and just seems to wonder around the cage during the day.

One thing I noticed is he’ll occasionally try to climb his plants and try to make his way to me. Seeing as the glass is in the way, he just kinda lunges around looking at me. He’s managed to reach the top of the terrarium and use his front limbs to kinda crawl at the lining of the terrarium. I’m not sure if he’s trying to let me know if he’s hungry, or even if he wants out.

I do let him out once aevery few days to linger around the room. He’ll wonder about the room checking things out and sticking close to me.

11/03/11  08:24pm

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