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 Eating questions

Ok some questions.... first, one thing I have not found on any of the care sheets I have read is how many crickets a day my platey should eat. (he’s a yellow throated/yellow lined.)
Second, I have never been able to get him to eat any fruits or veggies, should I worry about this?
And last, he hasnt been eating as much lately as he was when I first brought him home, he used to eat as many crickets as I would put in his enclosure.... most I ever gave him was about a dozen. But he would eat those and still look like he would keep eating. Now he will eat 5 or 6 and be done.
I know that some reptiles eat less in the winter, are these guys one of those?

01/18/11  07:43pm


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 Eating questions

If your temps have cooled off then there’s a chance that’s the reason in the reduction of his food intake, check your temps/ humidity & compare them to previous.

All so is the cage floor cold, this would reduce his feeding requirements, i feed every other day & offer fruits as treats due to the fact i’ve put several different food offerings ( grapes, beans, cabbage, strawberries & so on!!) in the cage with little effect.

I’ve got one on vid ( with me out the room) licking a banana & turning their nose up at it! keep trying is my advice.

01/20/11  03:11pm

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