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 Wester Plated Lizard - Tank

We adopted Tank through a student of mine. We have had him about 2 months and he seems to be thriving. I am still trying to find more information and can’t seem to find enough on how to care for this fellow. We have the lighting, temperature, etc down. I am feeding him what I feed my bearded dragon, adding calcium with D3 and giving a multivitamin. Will he be fine on what I am feeding my beardie? He gets a constant supply of green (spring mix, collards, mustard, etc) as well as plenty of fruits (he only picks out the bananas though). I have bearded dragon gel cubes I add and other bd feeds. I kinda just make a huge salad out of all of it. He eats crickets, mealworms, waxworms, superworms, and roaches. Is there anything I should do different? I changed his bedding from papertowels to a reptile mulch and he has become less skittish. Any information will be helpful... We know he is over 5 yo... guessing around 7. Here is his pic... he looks satisified.

12/31/10  10:01am


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 Wester Plated Lizard - Tank

Looks happy!

maybe these care sheets will help>

Click Here

01/01/11  03:35pm

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