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 Interesting behaviour vid

Just left the camcorder running in the viv this am with the old see through box of crickets trick!

Quite powerful little things & the 1st bit off dominance behaviour was picked up by the camcorder, around 2.35 mins the one on the ground made a click type noise ( load forced puff of air i would say) then you hear a scramble from above & the light been knocked & one of the others appears.

I’ve heard this puff of air behaviour in sav monitors lizards before, used in a similar way, i’ve also reduced my humidity to make sure that this was not causing the loud puff of air action. I think they use it as a form of dominance behaviour to other lizards & is mainly used when were not around to see it or affect their natural behaviour, anyone any thoughts on this??

The light is hung about 24" off the floor ( actual point the lamp is mounted to the roof) & the logs go up the wall about another 10", looks like he/she came from the top all the way down!!

12/30/10  08:22am

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