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 Few more pics!

Hope you enjoy!:)

11/01/10  06:58pm


Nile/water monitors
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 Few more pics!

Nice pic’s and vid as always. He looks great. Am I correct in thinking the Plated lizard tolerance of you is achieved faster than that of the monitors? Your plated looked calm and curious of what you were doing, he didn’t panic or run for cover. Love the rapid tongue action these little guys have.


11/04/10  08:31am


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  Message To: Nile/water monitors   In reference to Message Id: 2185599

 Few more pics!

Hello Chris!

It’s a monster really, nearly had my arm off once or twice!! lol

These lizards are in my front room so they see alot of people, the loft monitors so no-one really apart from me, there’s 3 in the cage & he’s the one that is always out, the other two are very shy!

Their habitat seems to be very similar to the savannah monitor, so i’m assuming thier care & requirements will be about the same, most care sheets of the plated lizard look very similar to the old type sav care sheets ( you know the one’s that were total crap!)

I wasn’t due any more lizards for abit, but i spotted these read up & thought they’ll easy to provide deep substrate & a full environment & gain some experience on the nesting & breeding side of lizards, apparently there are a challenge!

i’ll be back in the monitor game at some stage in the future!!

good to hear from you!!


11/05/10  04:55pm

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