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 How to make my sudan plated feel better!

Hi All!
I was given my plated called Haans about 6 months ago, he was completely unsocialized, bitey, and really scared. I thought that w attention, play time, and baths he would come out of his shell or just be more content, but he has not!
He is about 13" long and Im not sure how old he is. I have him in a 30 or 40 gal tank and I am getting a 60 gal soon.
With that said I don’t know what else I can do to make him more comfortable. Should get him a friend (or would that be traumatizing)? Should I feed him everyday or every other? And what is the BEST diet?
Your opinions will help. Thanks in advance!

06/27/10  12:19am


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 How to make my sudan plated feel better!

I cant help you with what to feed him, but with time im sure he will come around i had a desert collared lizard that wasnt ever supposed to get tame that we got to come to us. Taming a lizard (or any animal) could take days, weeks, or even a year. They Will get used to you its just a matter of how long you want to try to tame them. Another way to try and tame him is get his favorite food and lay it in your hand make it to where he has to climb on your hand to go get the food, you can even sit with your hand in his cage for a few min a day he will start to see you as part of his surroundings and no longer a threat. Getting him a friend might not make him tame in fact it might cause him to be more aggressive especially if you get him a female. This will cause him to be more territorial. If you get another male they could hurt each other fighting for territory. Good luck hope you find what you are lookin for and i wish you the best on taming your friend.

06/27/10  12:27am

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