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 Feeding help

My son brought home a plated lizard one of his freinds gave to him. I have him in a 55 with sand....a hide....bowl of water....basking lamp and UV bulb for light.
But what i need to know is this......I live in a rural area and cannot get to the petstore alot...we have none in town here. Can i substitute wet dog food for the meat part of his diet...he is not real thrilled about his veggies. Or do i need to find a way to get crickets. Also when it gets warmer can i feed him wild caught bugs.....any species i cannot feed him of insects??? will it hurt him not to have pinkies or crickets?? I can get mealworms down the street at the bait store.

02/18/10  01:11pm


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 Feeding help

Get him off the sand right away. Dirt is the best thing. If you cant get dirt right now then just use paper towls. U should try and get a 10.o uvb light as soon as possiblle and a heat lamp a 100 watt should be good for a 55. Wet dog food will not be good. Most platys arent very fond of veggies but try to mix a salad of crix n lettice they usually catch some veggies while picking out the crix. Also wild caught bugs are bad because of the parisites in them. Meal worms arent good because of the phosphorus in them is way to high. And it doesnt need pinkies too much just about once every 2 months. So what i would try to do if i was you is try and start breeding crix or just get about 1000 or more and feed them n keep them healthy so they last for so long.

02/19/10  06:06pm


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  Message To: Chris14   In reference to Message Id: 2124899

 Feeding help

whats wrong with having sand in their tank? & also i heard that wet dog food would be okay for them... i heard that they love it

07/14/10  04:49pm

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