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 Tail drop

I was sadly un educated, and unawarethat plated lizards could do this. And i didnt see any posts on it so i figured id make one.

A few days ago my plated was startled by my wife. she went to pick him up, and got his tail instead of his bidy by mistake. And he dropped about the last 1/4 of his tail a total of about 4".
A few things to know about tail drops.

there are 2 types of drops:
1- trauma drop. the dail is bitten, pinched or otherwaise damaged and dropss off. THIS TYPE WILL NOT GROW BACK.

2- Non trauma drop. the lizard drops it on their own as a defensive move. This will typically grow back over time. depending on the size of lizard it can take up to 2 years to fully grow back.

The most simple ay to tell the difference is that there will be a string of tissue coming out of the drop. This is the nerve ending. and IT IS A GOOD THING TO SEE IT.
it means a non trauma drop.

Now careing for it. It obviously leaves a huge open wound. and must be cared for. If usung loose substrate and allowing your plated to burrow. Dont change the cage at all. Though dirt may get on the wound, miving or changing the cage causes un needed extra stress.

the important thing to do is use a good cleaning agent to clean the wound. i use a medication called Nolvasan. It is a general skin and wound cleaner. its relativelly inexpensive and purchased from any vet. costs about 5.00 for a bottlethat will last a lifetime. u use 2 drops of it on a cotton swab. gently clean the area. allow it to dry. then rinse with water.

After this i like to cover the wound with a triple anti biotic cream like neosporan. make sure it has the antibiotic. this will help your herp fight any infections that may occur.

hope this helps someone else. Im glad my vet knew about it :)

01/31/10  07:52pm


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 Tail drop

I am really glad you made this post. I know it is from awhile back. I recently took in a plated lizard from a guy and when he went to take the plated out of the cage the tail dropped. It was a non trauma drop. I was curious if you knew weather the tail should be kept bandaged during the healing process. I would be changing the bandage every day. I was just thinking of doing this until it scabs up. Thanks for any insight you may have.

10/12/10  10:54pm

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