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 HELP - Chewing her toe!?

Hi! I discovered my son’s plated chewing on one of her toes today. She had ripped off the skin on her toe and was bleeding! Shes never done anything like this before, thoughts? We rinsed it and put neosporin on it. She was really good while we did this, it doesnt seem to hurt her too much now, but I have no idea what to do. Is neosporin ok for her? Should I get the substrate out of her tank to help keep the toe clean? Thanks for any and all help!

01/26/10  10:50pm


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  Message To: Tritri9   In reference to Message Id: 2117689

 HELP - Chewing her toe!?

i wouldnt change the cage if the husbandry is ok. this can sometims happen. probably a bad shed. what u may want to do is soak him/her in luke warm water for 15 min a few times a week.
my boy thor loves his baths. he will sprawl out in the water for a bit. then go swimming around.

just make the ater deep enough to where it touches their elbows. or maybe a bit deeper. if it gets much deeper my plated gets kinda stressed.

02/02/10  09:33am


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  Message To: Kidmuathai   In reference to Message Id: 2119650

 HELP - Chewing her toe!?

And for the neosporn its good and be sure to clean it out with some rubbing alchohol then after cleaning it with the alchohol rinse it off n put neosporn on it about twice a day. when i first got my platty it had sores all over it i took it to the vet n cleaned him up he had loads of parisites i highly recamend taking any platted lizard to the vet to check for parasites almost 99.9 percent are wild caught n are full of parasites.

02/05/10  10:11pm


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  Message To: Chris14   In reference to Message Id: 2120826

 HELP - Chewing her toe!?

A few questions to the previous posters:
Since when does soaking solve the problem of a lizard chewing on it’s foot?
Even if the lizard is chewing because of a shedding problem, soaking the reptile is not going to solve the problem that is going on now.

Why do you think Neosporin is good for the lizard?
You should never use anything on your reptile that was not recommended by a specialized exotics veterinarian. The best thing to use any cut on a reptile is betadine. As the reptile becomes curious they may ingest some on the neosporin and that can cause more serious problems. Never use Neosporin unless it is being used somewhere the pet cannot reach. Betadine is used to treat many infections, including mouth rot and is safe to use on the feet. And NEVER use rubbing alcohol on your reptile! It dries them out and is soaked into the skin, the harsh chemicals can kill your pet.

Although I cannot tell you what is wrong with your sons plated lizard I can advise you to take the lizard to a specialized exotics vet to have it looked at, diagnose and given proper treatment. More then likely you will recieve a small bottle of betadine to apply to the lizards toe to kill and prevent infection and you will have to treat this for two weeks.

Parasites relatively easy to see on reptiles and for the ones you can’t see you can tell they are there. COmmon symptoms of mites are: Soaking more then usual, shedding more then usual and not being as active as usual. 99.9% of plated lizards are not caught in the wild, if fact it is becoming illegal to import any reptile into america. There are many Plated Lizard breeders, I work with a few at the reptile swap.

Take your reptile to the vet and have it properly treated. These people are not experts and you should not take their opinions. DOn’t even take my oinion, go to the vet.

02/10/10  04:49pm

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