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 New Plated Owner Here! :)

Hi everyone! I have had my plated for about a week now. Just have some general questions. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds :) Swarley is eating his live food great - so far he has eaten crickets, mealworms, and waxworms. He won’t touch greens but he did eat a raspberry I gave him. Are raspberries okay? I am going to try to cut up a blueberry and try that tonight as I was just eating some myself.

We got him last weekend at a reptile show. I had scoured and called all the petstores around here and couldn’t find one anywhere. I used to work at a petstore years ago and loved the plated we had there and have wanted one ever since. Anyways, the guy at the show didn’t know much about them - he admitted the two he had that day were the first he had ever ordered and he didn’t know how to sex them or anything. One had a few missing toes and a tail that had been lost and regrown. The other (AKA Swarley) looked good overall except had a small superficial wound on the head and some rougher than normal looking scales. I looked him over quickly for mites/ticks, etc... and seeing none chose him. The reptile show was so busy and packed it was hard to get a very good look. I bought him for $15.00. Got some other supplies and took him home.

Found two mites later - haven’t seen any since but obviously they are sneaky little pests. I did soak him for about 10 mins when we first got him home trying to kill any that might be there because we found the two while in the car on the way home. No ticks.

Over the last week we seem to be finding more sores/wounds on him. Either they are new or we are just able to check him out more thoroughly as he is adjusting more and letting us do more with him. None seem to be horrible but one in particular seemed painful because I touched it and he made a sort of hissing noise and jumped. I did a 15 min. betadine soak and overall they seem to be healing/drying etc. I haven’t handled him yet today so I don’t know if there are any new sores or not. Any ideas on this?

Also, what temps do you guys keep yours at? All I can find online is 70-90 - warmest in the basking area obviously. Does everyone here pretty much use the organic potting soil/sand mixture that I saw mentioned on here?

He has had two pretty large bowel movements - in his water dish both times - which is convenient enough to clean. How often do your have bowel movements?

How often and how much do you feed?


01/23/10  09:32pm


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 New Plated Owner Here! :)

i feed daily. i offer a few crix, a few mealworms and greens. he wont eat much of the greeens but its good to offe them anyway.

as far as the enclose i like to offer a good gradient. i keep the basking spot at 90-95 and the hot side 85-90. and the cool side is 70’s. keep in mind i have a massive enclosure.
it measures 2’ x 2’ x 6’.

and as far as the mites. i have had them one time. it requires full disenfecting of the enclosure. and its good to get a vet visit in and get some medicine that aids in the wounds, and eliminates any still on him/her. if u have a wood enclosure........... u will be rebuilding. mites arenear impossible to completely get rid of in wood. same with substrate. get rid of it all. get the cage vacumed out, and sanitised completely.

01/26/10  09:41pm

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