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 New Yellow Striped Plated Lizard

I just adopted a plated lizard for my 8 year old son, and have had a lot of trouble finding out information about them. My first Q the yellow striped the same as the yellow throat? We have him in a four foot long glass aquarium with the substrate that comes in a brick which you then soak in water, is that the best? He also has a big log to go under and on top of, and a heat lamp. My husband is threatening to get rid of it because it really stinks badly!! Kind of a urine smell I would say. We pick up his poop when we see it, but what can we do about urine? I can’t just empty the aquarium and put it in the tub to wash, so what is the best way and how often to clean it?????? Also, is there worry about Salmonella with lizards? My son holds it very often, and I want to know how anal I should be about his washing. Any ideas and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

06/28/09  05:23pm


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 New Yellow Striped Plated Lizard

hi i have a yellow plated lizard and no there not the same as a yellow throat lizard.
it seems to me that you have the coconut fiber ,the one you have to soak in water ,if so you are use the wrong thing ,because it holds humidity and starts to smell very bad so i don’t use it that is mainly for reptiles who need alot of humidity. the best thing to use if bark its easy to clean and doesn’t smell or you can use the coconut fiber that is dry and shredded the plated lizard needs a lot of heat so make sure what ever you get doesn’t hold humidity .And as with any reptile you should wash your hands before and after contact.

06/28/09  09:18pm

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