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 What am i?

help what am i?

10/27/08  07:22pm


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  Message To: MEXICO   In reference to Message Id: 1888840

 What am i?

As Far As I Can See It Is A Sudan Plated, Because It Looks Just Like My Youngest "cassie"

11/24/08  05:15pm


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  Message To: Buddie001   In reference to Message Id: 1904305

 What am i?

I’ll agree with that too I have one and They are just alike! Good luck! looks in great health! take care

11/27/08  07:32pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Nellie   In reference to Message Id: 1905864

 What am i?

no, it’s a blacklined. i can identify them very well now.
blacklineds (aka giant plated lizards) are darker and more colorful than sudan’s. as you can see in the last two pics, they have a red/orange/yellow stripe running along their side. sudan’s do not.

this is 100% a sudan plated lizard--

see,no red/orange/yellow stripe running along its side.

this is 100% a blacklined plated lizard--

11/27/08  09:25pm


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  Message To: Gottee guy   In reference to Message Id: 1905905

 What am i?

The Plated you have is the one that typically comes from East African shipments (Gerrhosaurus major grandis). They are known by a variety of names but are probably best called the East African Plated as the Giant Plated Lizard is G. validus which is the largest of the African Plated Lizards. G. m. grandis is also occasionally known as the Rough Scaled Plated Lizard. The other sub-species of this lizard is the Sudan Plated Lizard (G. m. major). The difference is that the Sudan Plated lacks the pattern in the dorsal scales and tends to be a more brownish-red in color. The Black-Lined Plated Lizard is G. nigrolineatus and is related to the Yellow-Throated Plated Lizard (G. flavigularis).
Hope this info helps. For some reason this group of lizards seems to be very confusing with the multiple common names some of them are known by.
Have a Great Day!!!

12/18/08  04:16pm

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