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My sons daycare teacher was retiring, and no one wanted her 6 to 8 year old plated lizard. I used to have Savannah Monitors so I thought a free lizard was a great deal. Now that I have her home, she smells up my entire basement. I am using Bed-a-Beast as a bedding, I remove the poop everyday, and I can not get the smell out of the basement. I have changed the bedding twice in a month. The first two days is great but after that it stinks again. If I can’t get the smell under control I am going to have to get rid of her.

Thanks for any advise.

07/10/08  12:43pm


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hi most people use sand its easier to keep clean play sand u just need a sand sifter but the bad part by the sounds of it when lizards have really bad smelling poo they have parasites ull need to take it to the vet and get a test done then they will treat it ive got 2 sudan plated lizards living together and they dont smell at all so id get it checked out soon hope this helps and good luck

07/10/08  05:37pm

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