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 Dont open!!!!!!!!!

Christian Welsh

2008 Election

I am doing my report on John Sidney McCain III. He was born on August 29, 1936 at a United States navy hospital in Panama Canal Zone. His parents are John S. McCain Jr. and Roberta Wright McCain. His father and grandfather were both in the navy. McCain’s family ran a 2,000 acre plantation in Virginia from 1948 until 1952. Alot of McCain’s family was in the Military. John’s hometown was Alexandria, Virginia and his family moved around a lot so he went to a lot of different schools. During the summer McCain spent a lot of time at his family’s plantation which had a lot of slaves before the Civil War. After the Attack of Pearl Harbor his father was gone for long periods of time. Most of his education was taught to him by his mother which took advantage of all the traveling to show him different historical and cultural sites. After World War II his dad stayed in the navy and the family stayed in Northern Virginia. John then attended St. Stephens school in Alexandria, Virginia from 1946 to 1949. To everybody else John had always been quiet, dependable, and courteous but after going to St. Stephens he went on an unruly, defiant streak. Altogether he went to over twenty schools while he was young and was often in trouble for fighting. At most of the schools after St. Stephens he got more determined to assert his crude individualism. In 1951 McCain started going to Episcopal High School in Alexandria.
At this new high school John took the nicknames "punk" and "McNasty" for his bad tempor and aggressiveness. He then put his tempor to good use and received two varsity letters for wrestling. A little after he then started playing high school football and made some friends. McCain graduated from that school in 1954. After graduating John went to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland following in the footsteps of his father, and grandfather. Each year he received over a hundred demerits and earned his place in a century club. This was all because of not shining shoes, room out of order, and talking out of place. Then for a while he competed as a professional boxer which lasted for about three years. John was very intelligent and he was interested in English Literature, history, and government. Many of his classmates were impressed because he was good at remembering a lot of things at one time. In 1958 John graduated from the Naval Academy and was fifth to last in the class rank.
John then spent two years training as an naval aviator in Florida. In March 1960 he was on a practice run in Texas he lost track of his altitude and speed. He then lost control and crashed into Corpus Christi Bay and sank to the bottom. He then managed to make his way out of the plane and get to the surface. Later that year he graduated from flight school at Corpus Christi and became a pilot of attack aircraft. His aviation skills improved but around December 1961 he crashed in to some powerlines because he was flying to low over Spain. He survived without being hurt to bad. In 1964 John started a relationship with Carol Shepp, a swimwear model. He had attended high school with her and she had been married and divorced to one of his classmates.Then in July 1965 John was a contestant on the game show Jeopardy!, losing one game and winning the other. In 1966 him and Carol got married and John adopted two of her kids then they had a kid of their own.
McCain was then a pilot in the Vietnam war. On October 26, 1967 was on his twenty-third mission when the wing of his plane was blown off and he fell thousands of feet. He managed to jump from the plane and land in the water but the impact fractured two of his arms and a leg. He was unconsious but after he woke he was drowning because he was sinking from all the weight he was carrying. He pulled the string to inflate his life jacket with his teeth and floated to the surface. A group of vietnamese then pulled him to shore and beat him very badly. He was then taken hostage in a prison where he was underfed, beat, spat on, and was not given medical attention.He told the vietnamese he would give them some information if he was taken to a hospital. A doctor then came and said it was too late and he was going to die. They took him to a prison hospital and was brought back to health. He then gave them the only information he could including his name, and age. The vietnamese then offered to let him go but he refused because that meant he would be let go before other soldiers that have been there longer. He spent a total of five and a half years as a prisoner.
McCain then returned to the United States where he reunited with his wife Carol who had been crippled, and almost died due to a car wreck in 1969 and his three kids. By the time McCain saw her she lost four inches in height. McCain had also become a celebrity of some kind by being in New York Times and plenty other newspapers. Later on John went through three operations and other treatments for his injuries spending three months at the Naval Regional Medical center in Jacksonville. McCain then was promoted commander effective July 1973 and went to the National War College in Fort Mcnair. There he studied the history of the vietnam and the French and American wars. John returned to Saigon in 1974 and him and some other former POWs received the National order of Vietnam, country’s highest honor. He recuperated just enough to pass his flight physical and get his pilots license back. A little later John’s marrage began to fall apart, he was having back-to-back affairs and Carol blamed everything on him being forty and wanting to be twenty-five again. They had a struggling marrage for a while.
John was thinking about getting into politics since he returned from vietnam although 1964 had been the only time he had ever voted. In 1976 he sometimes thought about running for House of Reps. from Florida. He then decided that he did not have enough political experience. He then decided to run for state senator for Virginia and he was elected. McCain and Carol stayed separated but married for a while but then went back to each other. In 1979 McCain was on a trip to Hawaii for a senators reception and he met Cindy Lou Hensley, a teacher from Pheonix, Arizona. John and Carols divorce bacame final in 1980 and he married Cindy. In the same year McCain decided to retire from the navy because his physical strength had all went down the drain. John and his new wife Cindy then started their new life together.
John McCain is now seventy-two years old and is a state senator running for president of the United States of America against Barack Obama. This will be an election that will go down in history because a Black man and a woman are on the presidential ticket. The woman is running for vice-president for John McCain and her name is Sarah Palin. I really cant decide who I want to win the election because I dont want Obama to be elected but there is a chance he will get assassinated because of his race and I have already seen on the news where two guys were planning to assassinate him. I would rather McCain win but if he is elected he is pretty old and could pass before his term is over. Since there is an okay chance of both of them not surviving a four-year term then you have to look at both of the vice-presidents. I would rather Joe Bidin to be president because he is educated with politics since he has been a state senator for over fifty years. Sarah Palin I think would be more into womens rights than what is right for the country.
If I wasnt looking at the vice-presidents and I was looking at Obama and McCain I would choose McCain because he is a republican and I agree with a lot of the things he wants to do with our country. Obama doesnt beleive the war is a good thing but I think we went over for a reason and I beleive it was a good reason. And that is my report on John McCain and who and why I want to win.

10/28/08  07:36pm


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  Message To: SnakeKeeper19   In reference to Message Id: 1889433

 Dont open!!!!!!!!!

palin for womans rights? surre.
mind if i ask how old you are?

10/29/08  12:12am


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  Message To: Jenna813   In reference to Message Id: 1889594

 Dont open!!!!!!!!!

uh that was a report for school and i dont really know much about 14 and it said dont open sooo.

10/29/08  02:19pm


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  Message To: SnakeKeeper19   In reference to Message Id: 1889796

 Dont open!!!!!!!!!

may I ask what this has to do with plants?

04/29/12  11:41pm

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