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 Tropical Vivarium

In the relatively near future I am considering setting up a tropical vivarium. My house temperatures vary from low 70s in winter-low 80s in the summer with a high humidity 60%+ (I live in Eastern VA). I figured that as long as I have a sun-glo fluorescent light (good for plants), I would be fine.

I am thinking on purchasing a used 50 gallon (36x18x18), adding coco bedding/exo terra bark for a substrate, add a small pump sealed off from the rest of the tank forming a small river (for the humidity), and a sun-glo light 24 in. and a hood 24 in. I would also get some fertilizer from black jungle that is safe for amphibians should I get one, and a hygrometer/thermometer.

I would probably get some bromeliads , bogonias, ferns, air plants, and aquatics from Black Jungle Terrarium Supply. Any tips, pointers, experience, knoledge about black jungle, etc. I found that, including the tank, lighting, substrates, several plants, monitoring device, and fertilizer, I could setup the tank for about $150. Any comments on that?

After few months the tank is set up and the plants are growing just fine, I figured I would probably get some arrow frogs or a couple WTFs.

09/22/08  08:47pm

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