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 Cage plants

ok im bulding a huge cage for my ig and want to know what plants i can put in there. Here is some that i want to put in but i dont know if they are toxic or not. variegated-liriope, arboricola, philodendron and corn plant. this is just what i want to put it if its not toxic so let me know if any are toxic.

11/15/04  9:57am


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 Cage plants

When you say arboricola, I assume you mean Schefflera arboricola. Is that correct? If so, that is a safe plant for a ig. Philodendrons are a BIG no-no for iguanas, and most animals for that matter. Keep philidendrons away from your ig. When you say "corn plant", do you actually mean corn, like the vegetable, or do you mean corn plant as in dragon tree(Dracaena)? They are both non-toxic. Liriope itself is non-toxic, but its berries are toxic. I would not recommend growing liriope in with your ig. It is more of a outdoor plant and it grows very fast and has a whole lot of roots, so it i not a good choice for indoors. Other plants you could use are hibiscus, ficus, croton, palms, and wax plant. Hibscus is a REALLY good choice as igs love eating the flowers, but it is sometime difficult to get them to flower indoors and igs tear up plants they feed on. However, as a word of warning, iguanas will tear up plants. I recommend you get some fake plants(preferably ones made of silk as if ingested, they will cause no harm) and you can either have all your plants be fake, or just have some fake plants in with the real ones. The fake plants made of plastic, if eaten, can cause problems. Hope this helps out, jrbl

11/28/04  10:28pm


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 Cage plants

According to the ASPCA animal poison control center Schefflera arboricola is a poisonous plant.
These plants contain fine, needle-like calcium oxylate crystals within the plant cells, and if ingested, can cause significant mechanical irritation and swelling of the oral tissues and other parts of the GI tract.
Based on this, it is advisable to keep Schefflera spp. out of the reach of pets, including reptiles. even though your Ig may not even eat it he may break open the leaves and get this on his skin. hope this helped

12/16/04  10:09am

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