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Does anybody know how to store an aloe leaf after you remove it off the plant?to use it all at once is unecessary and just a waist. should i put the leaf in the fridge? freezer? what?

05/13/07  05:09pm


Creepy Crawly_06
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  Message To: ReptilesrockRBNY   In reference to Message Id: 1280254


I wouls put it in a plastic zipper bag and store it at room temp.

05/13/07  05:56pm


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  Message To: Creepy Crawly_06   In reference to Message Id: 1280308


in the fridge, or if you want to freeze it, put it in a freezer bag, but they dont last long after thawing out. i have kept them in the fridge for 6 months before with no problems

05/16/08  12:24pm


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  Message To: Fire4life   In reference to Message Id: 1737236


When you use aloe, you are suppose to just break off the END... there is no need to break off a whole "leaf"

07/30/09  10:18am


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  Message To: Boabab95   In reference to Message Id: 2047860


Unprocessed Aloe vera gel is not very stable and won’t keep long, so
make small batches only, store it in the fridge and use up quickly. For
maximum benefit of Aloe Vera as an ingredient of skin care preparations
such products should contain at least 20-40% of gel. Or simply cut off
a leaf and rub it straight on the skin.

Vegetable Garden

10/12/09  04:36pm

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