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 Crestie Plants/Vivarium Books

I am making a 18"x36"x18" cage for a crested gecko, and iím wondering what kind of plants I could use. Itíd have to be tropical, since they need high humidity. Iíve been thinking Pothos or Pink Polca-Dot Plants, but iím not sure.

Do any of you have any experience with this sort of terrarium? Also, are there any books you could direct me towards?

Thanks a ton.

12/27/06  05:57am


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 Crestie Plants/Vivarium Books

Hey, Iím looking to do the same thing. You should get a copy of the book Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide to there Selection and Care by Phillipe De Vosjoli. He recommends some live plants for a crested. According to the book there favorite is Weeping figs or Ficus Benjamina. Others he recommends are dracaenas, dwarf umbrella plants, spineless bromelaids, birdsnest ferns, and hoyas.

I hope that helps.

01/09/07  05:50am


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  Message To: TheGreatDictator   In reference to Message Id: 1125965

 Crestie Plants/Vivarium Books

iíve had my crestie since april last year and have had a pothos in with him and even though he destroys it it is doing good. i also have 2 spider plants in there with him now and they will grown big. all i have is an exoterra 18x18x18 and its full of live and fake plants. i got 2 fake plants and also a bamboo along with te other 3. G

01/15/07  10:33am

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