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 Should I use the same method...?

Hey everyone. We have a major mite infestation in our Giant African Millipede tank. I posted in the Milli & Centi forum but only one person responded. I donít think thereís much action in there...

I was just reading over all of your posts about baking the substrate, bleach water, etc. and was wondering if anyone knows if these methods are safe for non-herps like our millipedes?
We have those same nasty little white mites that, according to previous posts, seem to be near impossible to get rid of! BLECH! Theyíre so groooooss!!!

Itís so strange how mites just show up all of a sudden, huh? I mean we have had millipedes for years and never had these white mites before. Only the typical brownish millipede mites that we could easily rinse off of millis whenever there were too many mites. (they donít seem to be in the substrate, just on the millipedes and they donít harm them if there are only a few at a time)

We use (and always have) ESU coconut brick & organic soil as the substrate and put Zoo Med terrarium moss on top. We use the same mix for our box turtles and we use only the coconut for the hermit crabs.
The weird part of all this is that there are NO white mites in the hermies tank, and the box turtles have only a few that I think came in when someone mixed up the salad dishes. But in the turtle tank the mites donít seem to wander far from the dish, donít over-populate and donít touch the turtles.

The millipedeís tank is teaming with the dang things! Every morning when I throw away the old food, it is covered in a fine white blanket of mites which I thoroughly wipe off and soak the bowl in HOT soapy water before putting the new food in. But overnight is all it takes for there to be millions of new baby mites the next day.

Has anyone else who has these white mites in huge numbers noticed that they smell? The more of them there are, the stronger the funky odor coming from the tank. These things are so nasty, I hate íem!!

09/22/06  04:07pm

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