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There are many different parasites that plague on our pets, some are harmful while others show a case of mutualism. Most pets that you buy from the market these days, especially reptiles, are wild caught and usually carry some. They also carry diseases that can be harmful if you swallow or get in your eyes, etc. If a reptile is kept in good conditions, even if it is invested with parasites, the case can be mild but shouldn’t be ignored as it is the opportunity that you give the parasite that you will later regret in the future. All pets, no matter mammal, invert, reptile, and so on, should be checked by a vet by a owner, so be responsible for the life that is dependent on you’re good actions and intentions.

Parasites that are usually transmitted to humans are tapeworms and nematodes that are presented in dogs and cats. Reptiles that eat dead animals can carry bacteria in their mouth so be extra careful.

Parasites can make your pet lathargic, give it bad appetite, make it act abnormal or physically deter your pets image. This can all be checked carefully once again at the vet. There are many other symptoms but I’m not the one to say about this.

In other words, never kiss your animals, wash you’re hands after and before every handling. Its the safety of both you and your pets.

Pet problems might also be nutrition associated but that is for somewhere else to discuss. Worms in reptiles if heavily infested (which you should prevent at all cost) can be seen in their feces.

09/15/03  1:09am


Lizard man
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thats good
it will help people !

04/11/04  12:11pm


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Wish i would of read this sooner i just got into reptiles by sitting for one and love them, but i lost the one i had got from this guy for sitting for his beardy. Anyway should i stearlize the tank before i get a new one ya think? Lizardgrl

10/13/04  2:10pm


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  Message To: Ladylizzie   In reference to Message Id: 160670

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Yes I think you should, and I can’t stand worms :( they are so gross. They can be mild or a killer. So gross!

01/18/05  1:46pm

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