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 Mites in My Mealworms!!!

We just recently had to throw away about 2000 mealworms and some beetles because I opened the container one day and saw what I thought was dust were actually thousands of little bugs crawling around. I tried to look it up and I found something called grain mites. We had 2 containers, one with beetles and several hundred new eggs and another with about 1000 mealworms between 2 and 5 weeks old. We threw them both out. I soaked both containers in the tub with javex and thoroughly rinsed and dried them. But 2 times now I have seen another mite or two crawling around in one of the bins. What do I do? I bought more mealworms at the pet store and put them in the container before I saw the mite so I wasnít sure if it was contaminated still or from the new worms. So I dumped those out and cleaned the container again. The 2nd container I stuck in the freezer because I read somewhere doing that for a week will kill the mites, but today I saw another mite crawling around in the container I didnít freeze. Am I just not cleaning it enough???

07/07/05  07:49pm


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 Mites in My Mealworms!!!

Donít just clean the container but the entire area around hte containers. Mites can be tricky things. Put both containers in the freezer and wait about a day. During the time vacuum the area the containers were around, if theyíre in a kitchen area, then empty out the cabinates to see if you can find any other mites hiding out. And you can also bleech the area spotless.

Or you can do method two. Which is bomb the room that hte mealies were in. Insect bombs are very thurrow and effective (just only light one). The only danger is the fact that you canít be in the room when it sets off and you have to wait a day or two to air it out afterwards. Well, that and any lizards canít be in the room as well. After that, you can keep the mealies temporarily in another room for about a week (just to be sure) and thereafter return to your regularly schedualed program. Iíve used insect bombs before, many times. Use to have these huge nests of baby spiders crawling around with no end in sight. and the bomb technique didnít just kill the spider, but every other living thing in the room. Keep that in mind.

07/08/05  06:23am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 394530

 Mites in My Mealworms!!!

this just happened to me about 2 days ago with my superworm container. i also thought it was dust and they have spread out through my living room and inside my waterdragons enclosure. the only thing that seems to kill them is letting them dry out. my enclosure is black so you can see them really well. i tried soapy water, straight bleach, a can of raid. they just would walk right through it. letting it dry out seems to working best. i have it in direct sun light. iím told that they like the humidity and were feeding off the apples and potatoís that i was feeding the worms. i have also been told that they are not grain mite those are more brown red in color. Iím am going to try putting down some pest strips. any advice for doing that or what kind to buy?

07/19/06  12:30pm

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