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 How to sterelize......everything?????

Same question as above but heres the situation, my beardies have parasites - some worm not the cocc - and Im about to embark on the quarentine process with the plastic tubs & panacur. Now I know I can use bleach and amonia on their new tubs and dog bowl bask rock/hides to sterelize them each time after they poop. But what do I do with the real rocks and logs and other ruff and creviced cage furnishings that I would really like to bring nto their next brand new HUGE enclosures?? And for that matter what do I do to sterelize new furnishings that i want to bring in in general??? I really dont want this to happen again, and really have to be careful not to let a single egg get by or else it will. Please help. Your time and concern are appreciated!

06/17/05  04:56pm


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 How to sterelize......everything?????

Well, first off. Parasites can happen no matter what preventatives you use. They usually come from the food the lizards eat. And thereís no way to test food to see if itís parasite free (Though overall I donít recommend giving any lizard pinkies for the reason of parasites).

Make sure youíre doing the right bleech components (1 parts bleech to 10 parts water). During the deworming process use very Cheap furnashings that you can trash in the end. You want your later cage to be completely without worry of parasitical infection.

As for large logs or sticks. You can either dip them in a bucket of 1 parts bleech to 10 parts water, scrub them down with a cloth soaked in the solution. Boil the logs. Or, which I find funny and is only possible if you have a second fridge, stick the log/furnishings in a freezer for a day.

During the spring when I had to get loads of bugs out of my geckos, I just threw my main logs out into the snow over night. Then again, itís michigan and currently not snowing now. So donít go throwing anything ouside at the current time =P

06/27/05  07:20pm

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