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 Parasites in Substrate

I bought some Zoomed Aspen shavings, and i was wondering if it could harbor any parasites, such as mites?
I was told i could bake it to make sure it is sterile, but would that burn/crisp the aspen?

04/17/05  02:14pm


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 Parasites in Substrate

The only thing really I would suspect in the bedding would be wood mites, as I have seen them in beddings like that before, they usually come out especially if the bedding is moistened, also it doesn’t really tolerate getting wet too good, and most of the time will start to mold over in a few days if it is left wet, the wood mites are small and white, unlike the mites you see on reptiles. They are not harmful to them though, just there for the wood.

04/21/05  03:24pm

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