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 Most common worm

whats the most common worm ion bearded dragons

02/21/05  04:40pm


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  Message To: Repticfan1389   In reference to Message Id: 254666

 Most common worm

the most common worm in all lizards is, I believe, the pinworm. Pinworms aren’t all that bad. In small amounts (like 1 or 4 eggs) it’s alright. But when those parasites get to about 24 eggs everywhere you look under the microscope, then it’s time for some dewormer.

04/09/05  01:51am


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  Message To: KrazyKelli   In reference to Message Id: 303503

 Most common worm

hi guys
I think my bd have parasite Ií using parazap but she still not eating, she is loosing weight
not showing color. could breeding season make females act like that? she is always looking for the other males. as soon a but her out side of the cage she act normal showing color more active and some time eat crickets, is that normal?
is there any dewormer that I can buy? on this pic. you can see her hip coming out.
how much does a vet charge for a fecal test?

02/05/06  11:37pm


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  Message To: Naldopr   In reference to Message Id: 637633

 Most common worm

Vet visits vary in different cities and states, but the average is much like us, without insurance. About 80-100 dollars for the visit, 25 for the test.
If your hip was coming out, you would probably want someone to take you to the doctor, I donít mean to sound harsh at all-but hopefully you can let the vet do the diagnosing and save your pet.!

04/16/06  01:19am

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