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Monge   Chameleon_man  

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 Mites in Python’s Eyes!!! HELP!!!

My Burmese Python has mites deep in her eye!! I was able to get some out but not all since I can still see them but I don’t want to obstruct her eye. She is about to shed but will that help get them out? What can I do?? Will it hurt her eye?? What can I do to get them out?? I have been fighting this mite battle for about a month now and have been using Natural Chemistry Reptile Spray. I have sprayed and cleaned her entire enclosure before putting her back after spraying and washing her off but they always seem to come back for her, not any of my other snakes. I’m helpless, what else can I do or what am I doing wrong? I don’t know where they are coming from but I think it continues because of the mites in her eyes.

03/07/12  12:31am


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 Mites in Python’s Eyes!!! HELP!!!

after she sheds take her and soke her for a while examin and pull of any more you see. then clean out whole tank agian! i know it suckes some how one of my ball keep getting them and that is what i did and they where all gone.

03/07/12  11:09am

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