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5r2arf   Takahiro111  

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 Orange ticks?

i have 2 side blotched lizards there wild caught and i am currently treating them for these strange orange mites/ticks that are on them anybody know about these thanks

10/03/10  11:46pm


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  Message To: 5r2arf   In reference to Message Id: 2178924

 Orange ticks?

If their wild caught then they can have stuff like mites or infections but if suspect it’s mites this should work as it did for me..
If you want to make sure the mites is gone don’t use any substrate use newspaper so you can see if black or red dots is falling off of when you put newspaper down put him in a nice warm bath of bedadine diluted water don’t let him drink it let him soak for a while but keep a close eye on him...I don’t use any food oil on my lizards I use baby oil to suffocate the mites and bedadine will help heal the wounds from mite bites...don’t use alcohol or peroxide it can damage their can then purchase mite off from a petstore I don’t recommend the use of pesticides when you buy the mite off follow the directions and throw away anything bark mites love it and keep the cage&accessories clean..
*This is my method of getting rid of my reptile mites it actually worked...I hope it helps you too

08/10/13  04:34pm

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