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I have had this nasty rash for around over a month now and i didnt know what it was and i have been to the doctor many times and they said i had the hoof and mouth disease, which sounded silly to me but i took the medicine anyway. It didn’t help at all and today i was feeding one of my snakes (male red tail boa) and noticed a small black mite crawling on his face. I quickly checked the cage and they where all over, i checked the other reptile cages (2 other snakes and a bearded dragon) and sure enough the black mites where there too. I also have rats but im not sure if they have them too or not. I’m not sure what to do or how to get rid of them, all of my reptiles r infected, possibly my rats, dogs, cats, etc as well, and me. Please help

12/05/09  01:20am


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Ok for your snakes... go pick up Provent-a-Mite, most reptile stores should have it. Where are you located? I might be able to help you find one. Take your snakes out of their cages. Dump the substrate and clean it out, preferably with Simple Green, it’s a natural product but it will disinfect your cages and won’t cause harm to your snakes. Place new substrate and spray the substrate with the Provent-a-Mite, as per the instructions. Basically hold the can 12 in away from the substrate and spray 1 second per square foot. Depending on the furniture you have, like grapevine or cork rounds, spray that too, but that’s better to spray outside, so as not to flood your house with the fumes. After you’ve sprayed the cage let air out for a couple of minutes before putting your snake back in it. DO NOT put a water bowl back in it for 24 hours. It can contaminate the water. DO NOT put Provent-a-Mite on your snakes. DO NOT USE Provent-a-Mite with your Dragon.

Best thing to do with your Dragon’s cage is either to dump the substrate and disinfect the cage and buy new substrate to replace it or, if you are using sand, take the sand out of the cage and bake it in the oven at 450 for about 10 minutes. Any parasite in the sand will die at that temperature.

For your reptiles themselves, Zoo Med has a spray called Mite Off, which you should be able to find at a reptile store that carries the brand. You can spray that on the reptiles to kill any mites and eggs living on them, and of course follow the directions on the bottle. Mite Off is safe for the water so no worries about that.

For your mammals, if they have mites, which by the way are species specific meaning your Dragon didn’t get them from the snakes the snakes didn’t get them from the Dragon or the rats or dog etc., just about every pet store has some type of mite killer for dogs, cats, etc.

Hope that helped if you haven’t already fixed the problem.

01/28/10  10:22am


Rae rae
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it could be something as simple as scabies. that’s also the same thing as sarcoptic mange on a dog. it’s a sarcoptic mite that gets under your skin. usually transferred from person to person, animal to animal, or animal to person. what does the rash look like? do you have any dogs or puppies?

04/05/10  01:46am


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 Bio- Energizing Zapper/ Kills Parasites Bacteria Diseases Viruses

i am not sure, but a parasite zapper might solve your problem :D

bio-energizing zapper parasite zapper bio-zapper

04/08/10  12:36am

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