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Hi. We have several reptiles in our house, and you can’t have a lot of snakes without getting mites once. Well, my son had been dealing with a mite outbreak with his ball pythons. We tried every remedy we could find, including moving them to a new cage. Nothing worked! I was referred to this product from pro-products. Its called provent-a-mite and it is the only FDA approved mite killer on the market. Here is the link : Provent-a-mite

This stuff worked almost instantly. Its been a week and there is no sign of any mites. The snakes have stopped hanging out in the water dish all day, and there isn’t a mite on either of them, or in either cage! Its easy to use too. All you do is remove the reptile and their water dish, spray provent-a-mite into the cage, covering substrate and all cage decorations. Wait 15-30 minutes and put the snake and water dish back. After a month you spray again one more time. That’s it. The spray has a residual effect that lasts up to three weeks! You can mist and even wash the cage and it won’t go away! Its the best! Totally safe for your reptiles! I strongly recommend to anyone having problems with mites.

11/12/09  05:56pm

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