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 Do my Leopard Gecko’s have Parasites??

Here are the symptoms..

There ear hole is BIGGER,stretched almost down to jaw, skin is wrinkly and getting worst by the hour, Sleeping 24 hours except to eat, the male (Spec) shakes his head and itches his ear, that is new as of today, and the female walks extremely slow, it looks like where her armpit is is tearing and her skin is falling off her legs, she has a huge eye infection as well. They just went to the vet a couple of weeks ago for an abcess (Spec) and an eye infection and not eating for Blinky. Their going back to the vet for sure, but I just want to know if these were symptoms of parasites and if I could do ANYTHING at home to either get rid of them or at least make my lizards as comfortable as possible until their appointment.

Thank you and I would appreciate any input.

01/31/08  04:58pm


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  Message To: Madarilyn   In reference to Message Id: 1603346

 Do my Leopard Gecko’s have Parasites??

Can you get a better picture and another do you have a heat rock and a humid hide??

02/20/08  10:41pm

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