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 Mite solution good or bad?

I used to raise ball pythons and as most know these snakes for some reason get these pests quite often and most of the time it seems like allot. I only say this because many ball pythons Ive seen have them so I’m not sure if there just more prone to them or just coincidence. Anyhow I was told a solution along time ago which worked very well on the snakes and was wondering if others had heard of it and also if it could be used on a frilled dragon as I have one with a mild infestation which I want to nip it early. We used to dilute Listerine antiseptic and water and bathe the snakes in it for about 5-10 min the mites all headed north the ones that did not die instantly that is. Then with cotton swabs you just get the rest gently around eyes ears snout etc . so I was hopping to do the same to my frilled but wanted some input. any and all helpful reply’s are appreciated.

10/12/07  02:29pm


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 Mite solution good or bad?

The problem with mites is that even if you kill all of the detectable adults, there are more than likely eggs in places inside your reptile’s enclosure, and you can’t see them. There are also going to be mites within the room, and they will have laid eggs as well. They have a gestation period around 30 days, so just when you think you got rid of them, they come back.
So the only certain way to get rid of them is to use a product that kills all stages of development, and kills on contact. I use Provent-A-Mite. But any insecticide containing Permethrin will work. It kills mites and ticks on contact and their eggs and larva. The residue from this chemical is non toxic to humans, and it’s effectiveness can last anywhere from 30 to 90 days or longer. You can even feed your snake inside the same container that has been treated with this chemical.
As far as ball pythons being more susceptible to mites, that’s not the case. the type of mites that infest ball pythons would readily infest any snake. It’s not the snake, more than likely it’s the source. For the reasons I mentioned above, breeders and people selling snakes may have infestations and not even know it, or have treated and killed all the adult mites, but once the eggs hatch, you have them. Unfortunately, there are also those breeders and people selling snakes that just don’t care. They are usually the ones that are going to sell you a possible problem anyways. Just watch who you buy from. If someone is unwilling to show you their facility or they are very elusive when it comes to answering any of your questions, I would be wary.

01/20/08  10:47am

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