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 Getting rid of my reptile mites LARGE INFESTATION

what can i use around my house to wipe out my mite collection
these things have gone nuts on my enclosure. its had to find out how to treat them because my enclosure has a rock wall.



please pm me with a solution. if you know.

01/21/07  12:46am


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 Getting rid of my reptile mites LARGE INFESTATION

My kingsnake had mites and what I did was I took everything out of itís enclosure, washed and bleached the tank (if the tank still smells like bleach after wash try scrubbing with non-bleach clothing detergent). I soaked the hide in hot soapy water for about an hour, rinsed my grape branch (if you have any wood decor do the following) in hot water and placed it in the oven for 7 to 10 minutes on 375 degrees. When you take your wood decor out of the oven let it sit out for about 10 minutes because sometimes it will feel a little wet in the crevices of the wood and if you place it back into the your enclosure mold can possibly grow so place it back in the oven. After all of this I took a toothpick and scooted the mite out from under the scales of my snake and picked them them with my fingernail and had a a bowl of hot water to put them in and die! By the way, using a toothpick can be dangerous to your reptile so I donít recommend you do this only if you dont have mite killer for reptiles. After all of this I didnít have a problem with mites ever since. Oh yah, put some clean substrate in the enclosure.

02/07/07  02:34pm

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