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i have many different reptiles and was wondering if any one knew of a good med to keep them away or treat have you herp or "parazap" does it work?

08/02/04  3:15pm


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I’m fairly new to RepticZone, but have had many different reps over the years.I’ve only had the misfortune of an ocassional slight infestation with mites over the years and struggled with the different remedies that are out there.I truely believe that most of the chemical remedies out there are highly toxic to reptiles, so you have to keep a close watch.I had purchased a female green Iguana years ago that was comparable in size to my full grown Iguana, to try my hand at breeding. She was totally cruel to my male and I had get rid of her,but she left us with very stUbburn case of mites.Which gets me to my point (I’m sorry, I sometimes ramble)Anyways, I found a product out there called "MiteEnd" it resembles cat liter.You coat the bottom of thier encloser with it, sometimes periodically stirring it up to raise a dust.It coats everything in the encloser, including the reptile. It gets in all the nokes and crannys of the encloser. It robs the mite of it’s protective oil coating and basically dehydrates it.They die rather quickly.When the problem is solved simply clean the MiteEnd from the encloser.Beast of all it’s harmless to the reptile. They can actually eat it with no problem. I’m sorry though, I can’t tell you where to get, as I haven’t had to use it in years.I purcased it some where in New Jersey.I found thier ad in a reptile trade magazine.Hope this helps point you in th right direction.

08/22/04  3:42pm

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