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 Gravid mhd

I own 3 mhd, 2 of which I only received a couple of month ago, one is male and the other female the mhd I already had is also female but just a young one at 9 month old,, the 2 older ones are roughly year and a half 2 year old and were wild caught, I became their owner when no one else wanted to put the time into taming them as they were a bit feisty when I first got them but nothing a little bit of time and patience didn’t cure my question is, how long do mhd carry eggs? my young mhd was my first pet mhd so gravid mhd is new to me and as I know each dragon or lizard is different I don’t just want to do what id do if it was one of my beardies, id rather be fully prepared, here belly had been swollen for 2 almost 3 weeks but this past week she is now completely gravid so plan on getting her bedding etc for nesting in her viv as soon as possible but would really appreciate any mhd owners or anyone who has dealt with mhd giving me some pointers on whats best for my girl, id like to make her as comfortable as possible.. much thanks and appreciation xx

11/08/17  01:47am


Nino 123
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 Gravid mhd

I believe its 2 to 3 months

01/20/18  02:54pm

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