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 Scared my mhd is dying

I have adopted a mhd from my neice, dont know alot about him/her not even sure what the sex is, Ive tried but not sure. So we will say she for this discussion lol She appears to be very dry, when I bath her in electrolites she sheds scales and has white patches on her body and tail. When I first set up her fountain she ran right for it and drank heavily but I havent seen her drink since and she has not eaten at all for 2 wks. Ive tried everything even force feeding but cant get her to open her mouth. Even tried babyfood/pediolite mixture. Tricked her once with stroking her mouth but she wont fall for it now. Have not seen any pooh either, cant do a poop test without it. Our vet does not specialize in reptiles so not alot of help there. Took a bird once and paid hundreds and got no help at all. How long can she go without food? Im scared she is dying. I was going to try deworming but cant get her mouth open. And yes humidity are heat levels are fine, and lots of space and plants, dont know what else to do please help.

05/08/17  02:22pm


Nino 123
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 Scared my mhd is dying

They can drink from the branches off trees/logs if you spray them

01/20/18  02:56pm

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