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what does light color and dark color indicate? My MHD is dark when his cage, sometimes turns a vibrant green when perching. He also turns a beautiful green when sleeping on my shoulder. Lately he’s been stationary when in his cage. I’ll put him in his foliage and he won’t move, won’t even look for food. Last night, I placed him in his water bowl and he was still there this morning. I’m concerned.

12/09/16  05:23am


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I’m very new to MHDs but I have two. One is vibrant in color and very active, named Him/Her Spaz as it is spazzing out all over its enclosure all the time. The other is full and mostly brown and also VERY lethargic and shy. Spends most of its time hiding. It has spent a solid day in the water sometimes just soaking. Not sure if both behaviors are normal? Maybe each is very different. As long as it eats, is hydrated, and has proper lighting I wouldn’t be too concerned.

01/12/17  08:46pm

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